It’s Vegetable Soduku Time again!

I'm having a little trouble sorting through our records to find when this started, but somewhere around 2010, which would have been our fifth year in Amherst, we started into a new crop rotation.  We thought we had gotten our vegetable production to the scale that...

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Building Economic Sovereignty

I am cranking my way through our 2020 financial analysis, and have come across a staggering number: $20,179.25 is the total we spent on credit card fees last year.  You can imagine that if you multiply that number by all of the small businesses in our community, it is...

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Continuous Improvement

We always want to do better.  We run a complex enterprise with many moving parts; I've often joked that maybe we should have named this place "Complicated Gifts Farm."  There is always somewhere we could tweak our system to make our lives easier and help us to...

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