Welcome to Simple Gift Farm’s CSA!
Thank you for supporting our farm. We love our community and enjoy getting to know so
many of you from North Amherst and nearby neighborhoods. We have grown organic
produce for the local market for 25 years.
We have been in negotiation with potential buyers since just before Christmas 2022, and
have developed a high level of confidence that they can take up the torch and take our farm
legacy to an even higher level. We had been trying to come up with a scenario that would see
this couple take over as your new farmers for the 2023 season, and it became clear that the
transaction is too complex to move forward on that kind of schedule.
So, we are here and excited to grow food for our community again this year. In the transition
season, we will be doing a much smaller scale farming operation, mostly what Dave and
myself and crew manager Scott Codey can do with a smaller crew that mostly comes in the
mornings to harvest. We think that this, in combination with our connections with the other
great farmers in the area, will allow us to keep the doors open and the produce coming for
this year. However, it doesn’t make sense to fit our PYO garden into this smaller scale
We are looking forward to setting up the new farmers for success in starting to build on the
foundation we have put in place, here next season and it looks like the new farmers will be
including pick your own next year.
Communicating with us
We send out most of our member communications (receipt of payment, newsletters and occasional farm
news) by e-mail, from [email protected] or from Square. Make sure the messages get through
your spam filter, or follow the instructions in the newsletter to unsubscribe if you really don’t want to get
our emails. You can reach us by phone at 413-230-3262 or email the farm store at
[email protected].
How to Enjoy Your Simple Gifts Farm Share:
Spring Share:
-In-Store Pickup Every Week from March 27 th through June 4 th (See Below for Instructions for
In-Store Pickup.)
Main-Season Share:
-In-Store Pickup Every Week from June 5 th through November 19 th (See Below for Instructions
for In-Store Pickup.)
-Pick-Your-Own will consist of only Strawberries during this transition season.
Fall Share:
-In-Store Pickup Every Week from September 11 th through November 20 th (See Below for
Instructions for In-Store Pickup.)
Flexible 10-Pickup Pass
-10 In Store Pickups, any time at your convenience. (See Below for Instructions for In-Store
Pickup.) Flexible Passes do not expire, however we encourage you to try to use the Flex
Pass by the end of this year. We are adding the option to pick up half your share at a time.

We will hold a punch card in the store near the exit table for you to keep track of your pickups.
If you use all 12 stars just punch one of the spots on the card. If you pick up just 6 stars of
produce, mark a slash through the spot and when you pick up the next 6 stars punch the spot.
In-Store Pickup:
Our weeks run Monday- Sunday, and you can come in any time the farm store is open (10am
to 7pm on weekdays and 8am to 7 pm on weekends) during the week. This means that if you
come on Sunday, you could come again the next day on Monday, but if you come in on
Monday, you have to wait the full week to come again. When you get to the store, please let
our farm store staff know that you are there to pick up your share, and they will be happy to
help you. The produce that is available in the share is all labelled with stars; depending on
the value of the item, it will be worth 1, 2, or 3 stars. You get to pick out items worth 12 stars,
which could include 12 one-star items, 4 three-star items, or some other combination that
adds up to 12 stars. The items that are labelled with stars typically are local organic
vegetables, and do not include any of the tropical fruits like avocados and limes, nor do they
include non-organic local fruits like apples. We do include some of our processed vegetables
such as marinara sauce in the share. We are offering the option this year of picking up half
your share at a time during the week. So, you can pick 6 stars worth on Monday and another
six stars later in the week.
When you are done picking out your delicious veggies, take them up to the counter, and our
staff will “ring you up” to help us keep track of our inventory. You can feel free to purchase
other items that don’t come in the share at that time. They will check off your name in the
register as having picked up, and you can head on home to cook up your veggies.
If you are unable to come in during a given week, feel free to tell a friend that they can use
your share and just have them give your name at checkout. The weekly share is only
available during the designated week, so if you miss a pickup, it cannot be made up. If you
will have trouble coming in regularly, the Flexible 10-Pickup Pass may be a better option for
The Main-Season Share will include 8 quarts of Pick-Your-Own Strawberries.  Additional strawberries will be available at a member price.  Strawberries are typically available for abundant picking the first 3 weekends in
June, with lesser availability the week before and after that, and we have a limit for the whole
season rather than a weekly limit. T
Farm Hazards
Please be aware of potential farm hazards. The barns are in need of repair. This is an ongoing project.
The Farm Store is the one indoor space on the farm where we welcome visitors; please stay out of the
barns and greenhouses unless you are invited in.
Tractors and other farm equipment are so exciting, especially for kids. There are dangerous parts, though,
even when they aren’t moving, so please stay off the tractors. We will give you the chance to climb on the
tractors at one of the events, when we can supervise closely.

The electric fences are live. They won’t knock you or your kids out, and won’t cause any physical harm, but
they do really sting. Be aware that dogs particularly find electric fence very frightening. The animals are
smart and only need to test this once or twice before they know to avoid it.
The usual nasties of the great outdoors are here too: poison ivy, ticks, stinging nettles, sharp sticks and
rocks. Keep an eye on yourself and especially kids. We have a first aid kit in the CSA pick-up area, just in
Walking, biking, or just hanging out on the farm
The farm is a public place, and we encourage members and non-members alike to come visit whenever you
like. There is a great tire swing on the hill up from the strawberry field, and that hill is an especially nice
place to hang out as well.
The North Amherst Community Farm (NACF)
NACF is a non-profit organization that owns the farmland and farmstead. Simple Gifts Farm leases the
land and buildings from NACF. This group of neighbors joined together to preserve the farmland when it
came up for sale a few years ago, and is still working hard to raise funds to pay for the land. They are also
working on putting together several educational events during the season. You are invited to make a
donation or get involved! NACF and Simple Gifts Farm work together to make infrastructure
improvements and co-host the fall Harvest Festival.

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