Come to our Farm Store for our beautiful organic produce and farm-raised meat and eggs, and for cheese, yogurt, fruit, bread, pickles, and other great local products from our friends and neighbors.


Our animals are healthy and happy, our land is organically and sustainably farmed, and our work is increasingly powered by green energy. We are the stewards of the North Amherst Community Farm (NACF), community-owned land preserved in perpetuity for farming. We run the farm as an ecological unit, integrating vegetable crops and livestock, and connecting our members with their food supply. We also train the next generation of organic farmers through our apprenticeship program.

You-Pick Strawberries are now open!  Check in at the Farm Store any time we are open, weekdays 10-7 and weekends 8-7.  You will get directions to the strawberry patch and quart baskets to pick into; strawberries are $5 per quart.  The strawberry season always goes by so quickly, so come on out and pick!


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