Come to our Farm Store for our beautiful organic produce and farm-raised meat and eggs, and for cheese, yogurt, fruit, bread, pickles, and other great local products from our friends and neighbors.

Our animals are healthy and happy, our land is organically and sustainably farmed, and our work is increasingly powered by green energy. We are the stewards of the North Amherst Community Farm (NACF), community-owned land preserved in perpetuity for farming. We run the farm as an ecological unit, integrating vegetable crops and livestock, and connecting our members with their food supply. We also train the next generation of organic farmers through our apprenticeship program.

Farm Store Closing March 31st


The Farm store is now closed, but we are open for you-pick strawberries!

We have some good news and some bad news


Some good news:  Both Farmer Dave and Farmer Jeremy have started new jobs that will be helping to build our community food system.  Dave is working with All Farmers, helping them to develop their new site in Agawam, supporting a host of immigrant farmers as they grow food for their communities.  Jeremy (that’s me) will be working for American Farmland Trust, helping connect farmers across the state with funding from the USDA to implement climate-smart practices on their farms.

Some bad news:  We haven’t found a buyer who can come in and take over our operation here in North Amherst, so we have made the difficult decision to shut down most of our operations at the farm. We have not given up on finding a new farmer; we are in conversation with one buyer, and are still the advertising the opportunity. But we have reached the March 1st date when many things need to be started in the greenhouses in order to have a successful full farm season.  The farm store will be closing at the end of March, which is about as long as our winter greenhouse salad greens will keep producing.  We will not be offering farm shares for this year, or planning any vegetable production for the season.

Some good news:  We can’t possibly eat all of the inventory that we have in the farm store, so we will be having a sale, starting today, on most of our shelf-stable dry goods and frozen foods. This is an excellent opportunity to stock up your shelves and and freezers with good local and organic food, and to support our transition out of the business.

Some bad news:. Starting April 1st, we will not have a store that will be able to honor all outstanding gift cards, market cards, flex passes, and Shop Save 30 coupons.  If you are holding any of those, please use them up this month.  There is some chance that they will still be usable during strawberry season, but after the hit we took last year from frost, we don’t want you to rely on that.  Please let us know if you ahve a flex pass with more than 4 pickups left, and we can try to work something out.

Some good news:  Strawberries! We plant them one year and then pick them for the next two seasons.  We have almost 2 acres of strawberries in the ground, and without a crew of pickers, we expect to have a lot of berries available for you-pick from late May through late June.  We will keep you posted about those details when the time comes.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to be your farmers for the past 18 seasons, and thank you all for all of the support along the way.  We have many happy memories of people connecting with the land and the food, and have built many relationships with our community, customers, farm crew, and family alike.  Our kids grew up during that time, as we know many of yours have.  We treasure the connection with our community that the farm has supported.  We feel sure that another farmer will take the land here and the infrastructure we have built and do something wonderful with it.  The land is permanently protected, so we know it must remain in agriculture. We wish that there were more of a seamless transition between us and the next farmers. but remain confident that something good will happen here.  Thanks again for all of your support!




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