This season has been challenging in many ways, not least of which was the 15 inches of rain we received in the late July and August.  You all were probably aware of all the rain, but you probably didn’t know about how much trouble we have had this season with an evaporating farm crew.  We went through about 5 people this spring who all worked for a day or a week or even a month and seemed like they were going to be a great part of our team.  But every time we turned around, someone had health problems, and someone else got a job at their dream permaculture homestead, all perfectly understandable reasons that were independent of each other and of our management!  By May and June, we had hired a second set of folks, who were all good people to work with, but were mostly students.  Here we are at the start of the school year, and we have one apprentice who is remaining on our full-time crew, two people who are going to part-time, and the rest of our crew is done this week.  So long, Andre, Dillon, Lydia, Oshi, Mia, and Hayden!  Good luck with your studies.  Fortunately, we have found a whole new crew (scrambling this last week to get them all lined up), and we are excited about the new energy that is coming on to the farm.  Hello, Oto, Elina, Ana, and Kingsley!  We are looking forward to working with you all.

These great people helped us get our garlic out of the field and into the barn in record time!  Hayden is teaching Latin now, Dillon is back in High School, Mia is at Brandeis, Andre is going to school in Florida, and Oshi is going to UCLA.

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