Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries!  That’s what we are all about this time of year.  We have twice as much ground planted to strawberries (2 acres) as we did last year, which was already twice as much as we had the year before.  So along with inviting multitudes of you-pickers out to the farm, we are also selling them as fast as we can pick to River Valley Market, among others.

But wait…There are parsnips that need to be weeded, and beets and carrots, and the last planting of tomatoes still needs to go in the ground, and salad mix and lettuce and radishes and cucumbers to be harvested.  June is a busy time, but we seem to be getting it done somehow!

And we still have some time to have fun, too.  We had a great time last week at the Strawberry Festival.  You can see highlights of the Festival on our Facebook page.   Come on out to the Front Porch Strawberry Jam tonight from 5-8 to continue the good times!  Chef Otto will be serving up tacos with barbacoa from our grassfed beef, or local organic beans, refried.  We’ll also have hot dogs and burgers, and the Hartsbrook Fiddle Camp will be ther to join in the Jam.  Bring along an instrument if you want to play too!

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