Pork, Liverwurst - SGF

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Liverwurst is German for Pate. This classic food is great in a sandwich with mustard and red onion, or on your next plate of hors d'oeuvres. The liver is high in iron, but also concentrates the toxins in an animal's diet, so you can feel extra good about the clean life that our pigs live.

The pigs are a crucial part of our soil fertility at Simple Gifts Farm. We put them on pasture and use their natural rooting instinct to turn root out the weedy areas along our hedgerows and to turn in pasture once we are ready to go back to vegetable cropping. Their manure fertilizes the next vegetable crop and they are great for working in cover crop seed as well. The fresh greens that they get from the pasture makes the pork super tasty and good for you!

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