Hannah's Skincare: Lip Balm (5g)

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Lovely Lip Balm! Packaged in sweet, heavy-bottom glass mini jars.

Made from 4 simple, high quality ingredients, this balm is neutral in aroma, though you’ll get a very subtle whiff of beeswax and coconut.

Ingredients: Organic, extra-virgin, calendula-infused olive oil; beeswax; organic virgin coconut oil; vitamin E oil

This delightful lip balm is on the firm side, but softens promptly to the warm touch of your (clean!) fingertip. It is a nice weight - coating the lips gently without being too heavy with wax or too glossy with oil. I actually really love the convenience of a lip balm tube, and I have made those in the past. I know having to apply with your finger is harder, especially on the go, because you need clean hands. However, I made the decision to switch to this style of application for both beauty of the product (you’ll feel it’s specialness every time you use it), a preference for the material (glass jar), and a belief that you will actually have to apply this less often because of its high quality ingredients and effectiveness.

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