1.      Quality of Life (includes physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing; financial wellbeing, relationships, challenge and growth areas, life purpose/contribution)
We want a challenging and stimulating, but not overwhelming, work environment; one that has the ability to evolve over time with changes in our circumstances or interests; both for us as owners and for our employees. We want our employees to be active participants in this environment.
We want our families to be economically secure, both now and into the long distant future, even if the farm isn’t their main economic generator
We want our families to have a good quality of life as far as our time and emotional and physical support, have a fun place to live and be a part of, a wide variety of quality food, be part of something that is well known and well thought of in the community.
We want to make a positive difference in peoples’ understanding of food and agriculture in many different circles of people, including our customers, community, other farmers, young people interested in farming…
       2.      Beliefs, Behaviors & Systems (what must we do to create the Quality of Life, above?)
Have clear systems of organization and operation of the farm that:
 Can evolve over time as needed,
      Keep the purpose and principals of the farm foremost in all of the key employees’ minds,
Are clear and easily picked up by those taking them up,
Keep routine work as routine as possible,
Empower all on the farm to make decisions as necessary and be accountable (in a clear, safe and respectful manner) for their decisions’
Foster communication systems that create and foster the above.
Have system for planning and monitoring each enterprise (production enterprises and sales enterprises) for appropriate level of profit and adjusting enterprise as necessary. And, monitor and evaluate each enterprise for contribution to (or detraction from) our Holistic Goal.
Farm in a way that –
Improves the productivity of the land continuously and indefinitely,
Produces healthy food and other products,
Connects our customers to the farm.
Get various groups of people onto the farm and involved with it as appropriate. Involve ourselves with other groups and bring our experience to them.
Create a farm that is bounteous, vibrant, and fun.
        3.      Vision Statement (a description of our asset base in the future to sustain the Quality of Life we want)
Behavior – We must be hardworking, honest and ethical, creative, and good communicators.
                  We must be loving supportive family members and active members of our community
Landscape – The land around us will be stable, healthy, and productive.
Community – We will live in a diverse, thriving community with know us and love to interact with us around the food we produce and they eat. We will also be a vital part of a community of other like-minded farms and organizations which support them.

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