Pig Floyd, the charismatic boar beloved by many, passed away on May 1 after a very long life.

Pig Floyd came to Simple Gifts Farm in 2007, as a piglet. Farmer Dave got him from a farmer named Floyd. Really! The name was inevitable.

Pig Floyd helped to produce many litters of piglets at Simple Gifts Farm. He also had the opportunity to travel on consulting jobs to other farms. When he was away, his legion fans missed him. Eventually, he grew too large and arthritic to perform his duties, and lived out his retirement as a wildly popular mascot at the farm. He had many visitors, some who came nearly every day to spend a few moments with this gentle giant. Children especially adored him.

His last summer was a good one. Stationed next to the new farm store, Pig Floyd basked in the attention and the many offerings of squishy tomatoes. At Simple Gifts Farm, we treat all of our livestock with respect, but Pig Floyd stood out as a special member of the community scene.  To quote Charlotte’s Web, he was Some Pig. He will be missed.

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