You will receive a canvas bag to fill with your choice of the fresh, organic vegetables currently available. Some items will have limits in some weeks. The share bag holds about half a bushel, about the size of a plastic grocery bag. You can choose which day to pick up your weekly share, and you do not need to choose the same day every week. The Main Season Share also comes with access to strawberries, cherry tomatoes, beans, flowers, herbs, and other crops from our Pick-Your-Own garden.

The average value of the 2015 share at our market prices was $781 even before adding in the Pick-Your-Own crops, which we don’t track.

Starting your share late in the season? Email us to ask about a pro-rated share.


You-Pick Strawberries are now open!  Check in at the Farm Store any time we are open, weekdays 10-7 and weekends 8-7.  You will get directions to the strawberry patch and quart baskets to pick into; strawberries are $5 per quart.  The strawberry season always goes by so quickly, so come on out and pick!