I’ve been setting up our farmer’s market display 30 times a year for the last 18 years. There’s a fun thrill to setting up a beautiful display, keeping it stocked and bountiful for several hours under the onslaught of customers who keep taking things away, and then packing it all up and taking it away. I love the friendly competition with the other vendors and the familiar faces of customers who have been coming for all 18 years. I’ve come a long way with support from the farmer’s market community, so our leaving definitely has a bittersweet note. But the sweet part is very sweet! First of all, there will be cake to celebrate our embarkation on this new phase of our community farm’s evolution! Secondly, our new farmstand is coming together beautifully, and we think it will be a great addition to the North Amherst community. Starting next Monday, both the CSA shares and farm stand customers can come by seven days a week. We’ll have a whole range of other local products for sale, along with our own beautiful organic produce. And if I don’t get my social Saturday morning downtown, I’ll have one at the farm instead; I can’t wait to see you all there!

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