We are officially into the spring planting season now!  And we sure had a busy morning getting into it! We had two crews going this morning, one starting to transplant kale, lettuce, scallions, chard, fennel, beets, onions, and bok choy into the field.  And the other crew was harvesting baby kale and lettuce mix from our newly un-covered low tunnels.  It’s always a great feeling when we get out of the greenhouse and into the field after having spent months planning and getting ready.  And we are right on schedule; April 15th is always the first date on our planting schedule, though it can vary alot from year to year when it actually happens.

Scout was very helpful with the transplanting crew.

Yesterday, we got to see what is under our low tunnel plastic.  This is all stuff that got planted in November, and has been hiding out under a cozy layer of plastic and row cover, a complete mystery as to whether it had germinated or was alive, or anything.  I finally managed to crawl under there early in the week, and this is what I found:

The plastic is low enough to the ground that even being in there for a few minutes, I felt a little claustrophobic and short of oxygen! It takes some muscle to pull 2/3 of an acre of plastic off: none of us felt like we had to go to the gym at the end of the day yesterday.

Along with some welcome baby lettuce, there is baby kale, spinach, and carrots in there, all looking lush and green and ready to take off.  The other side has some strawberry plants that are already starting to flower!

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