The seasons in New England are truly a roller coaster ride, especially for those of us who make our living with the seasons.  The winter resembles the long slow chug up the first hill, building up kinetic energy for the long breath-taking hurtle down the track, which barely looks like it can hold us, but somehow always does.  By late May, we have crested the hill and are picking up speed on the way down the first big flurry of activity.  Things are about to get really crazy, with twists and turns, and maybe we’ll even be turned upside down in a giant loop-de-loop!  What do we call that first burst of crazy? June!  June, along with bigger and bigger harvests, explosions of weeds, and an unrelenting planting calendar, comes with two of our favorite things:  The start of the CSA season, and strawberries!  We  love reestablishing our connections with the community when the first CSA pickup happens in June.  Though the farm store has meant that many of you have continued to be with us through the winter, there is still a joy in the first week of CSA pickups.  And our strawberry season this year should be bigger than ever!  We have about an acre and a half of PYO strawberries planted this year, about 3 times as much as what we had last year.  The berries will be late this year due to our late, cold spring that seems like a distant memory now.  But when they come in, there will be plenty for both CSA members and others from our community.  The plants are loaded with flowers now, and each flower will be a delicious, juicy red fruit!  We have loads of berries in the store now from our market patch (the ones that we push a little early and pick ourselves) if you can’t wait for the pick-your-own season!

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