Farm Kid Jesse wrote this poem last year in sixth grade. Jesse just spent his annual farm-work week of summer vacation digging potatoes and harvesting lots of other crops, seeding, weeding, and enjoying being part of the crew.

An Ode to Potatoes

Farm Kid Jesse shows off his favorite footwear.

O, Potatoes
Without you life would be deprived
of your starchy texture
Your tantalizing smell
As you cook in the oven

You are delicious in every way
boiled, baked, mashed, fried, roasted

It is a blessing that you can be stored all year

To dig you is like
discovering delightful riches
Dirtying my hands
But cleaning my mood
of any imperfections

You can create colonies
If I put you in your soil

Dining on you is an amazing
ritual of flavor

O, Potatoes
Without you, O mighty tubers
I would weep