Two minutes in the front you-pick garden (clockwise):
 daisy, oregano, chive blossoms, marjoram

Two Minute Meditation in the Herb Garden

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt beyond frazzled lately and stopping by the farm for produce sometimes feels like yet another chore. But, if I can convince myself to slow down for just two minutes, I always find something there that brings me into the joy of the moment. One of my favorite moments is in the you-pick herb gardens. Today, I waded out into the front you-pick area for oregano, marjoram, chives and thyme, and then headed past the peas (promising tasty pods soon!) for cilantro and dill. At home, a simple dinner was elevated with dill and chopped chive blossoms. Even plain pasta tossed with butter or olive oil is transformed with a generous sprinkle of fresh-picked herbs. The moment picking herbs extends to the kitchen and table.
To store fresh herbs for a few days, you can use a variety of methods. A particularly pretty way to enjoy your herbs is to trim the stems and place them in a cup (or vase) of cold water. Dill and cilantro do best stored in the refrigerator (loosely place a plastic bag over the top of the herbs). Sage, oregano, marjoram and mint (and basil, when it comes in) prefer to stay at room temperature. Or, wrap the herbs in a wet paper towel and store in a resealable bag in the crisper of the fridge. A clean, wet dish towel (rather than the paper and plastic) works too, as long as you check every couple of days to make sure the towel is still moist.  You can find out more from this article.
Back out in the front garden, I wonder about marjoram and oregano. What is the difference anyway? According to, “marjoram is oregano’s calmer, sweeter fraternal twin. Oregano = zesty + peppery + lemony. Marjoram = delicate + floral + round.” Why not explore this yourself?  Stop by the front herb garden, and pick a sprig of oregano. Tear the leaf and take a sniff, and notice the piney, sharp aroma. Let that sink in, then choose a sprig of marjoram. This time, you might experience a mellow perfume. At home, try one or the other in a dish – they are often used interchangeably, but enjoy exploring the nuances.
Your CSA share includes a variety of you-pick crops. There are herbs throughout the season, and other crops as each comes into season. Right now, there are the strawberries, and we have peas, green beans, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, flowers and more growing in the you-pick fields. To find out what is available, check the big whiteboard on the wall in the distribution barn. That has a map of the various you-pick locations, what is ready now, and any limits on quantity. You are welcome to you-pick anytime. We encourage members to pick a little bit extra for those who are physically unable to get out and do their own picking. We find that this is can be a nice way to teach kids about community service. We hope you enjoy a moment – or many moments – exploring the you-pick gardens with all your senses.

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